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  • Long-lasting hang time
  • Good density
  • High quality

Premium ‘Pro’ Smoke Fluid

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  • Predominantly used in nightclubs and entertainment industry
  • Excellent hang time
  • Used in short blasts in night clubs or stage productions

Medium Smoke Fluid

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  • Low fog or haze effect
  • Sits at ground level
  • Used for low fog atmosphere or over top of misty lake

Low Fog Fluid

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  • Predominantly used in nightclubs and stage productions

Light Smoke Fluid

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  • Light haze atmosphere
  • Creates illusion of misty, foggy morning
  • Popular for use in nightclubs as use with lasers enhances lights

Light Haze Fluid

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  • Excellent hang time
  • Extremely thick
  • Used in nightclubs or stage productions

Dense Smoke Fluid

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  • Creates illusion of a misty, foggy morning
  • Popular product for nightclubs and stage performances
  • Good for use with lasers as haze enhances the lights

Dense Haze Fluid

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