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Steve has always been my first point of contact, and has never been anything other than informative when I have asked for the nearly impossible.

May I take a moment to talk about the input that Vickers Laboratories have had in my career as a Special Effects Supervisor within the movie industry.

Starting many years ago with the Alien “spit” on Alien 3 on to gallons of “blood” moving on to Band of Brothers and even more blood leading to, for me the pinnacle of our working relationship on “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”.

I was charged by my Producers and Director Tim Burton with making all of the ‘chocolate’

My first instinct was to call Vickers and I was not disappointed.

I spoke with Steve and with his direction and advice we installed a ‘chocolate manufacturing plant at Pinewood Studios and made over 1, 250,000 litres of inert safe chocolate to film with, and all was successful.

I cannot speak highly enough of Vickers Laboratories and the people there, without them I would have been lost as how to achieve  the things I have been asked.

Joss Williams

Special Effects Supervisor, Darkside FX Ltd.

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