Portfolio / Snow White & the Huntsman

To become truly immortal, Queen Ravenna needs the life force of young maidens to maintain her beauty – especially the heart of her stepdaughter Snow White. VFX helped to bring the fantasy world to life through the creation of asses milk for use on set.

When approached by the production team working on Snow White and the Huntsman they had a very specific requirement for us. A formulation which replicated asses milk was required for this production. The Ancient Egyptians believed that asses milk was the elixir of long life. Cleopatra regularly bathed in the milk to preserve youth and beauty. The formulation needed to be opaque enough to cling to the skin as Charlize Theron was engulfed in the mixture. We also had to ensure we could heat the product up so it was not bitterly cold for the actress. The product had to be stable for up to a month, so we had to make sure it did not deteriorate and was still safe to use and dispose of.

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