Portfolio / Doctor Who

The production team behind Doctor Who approached the team at VFX to enquire about the creation of ‘galactic smoke’ for the hit BBC television drama.

To approach the creation of galactic smoke set by the team from Doctor Who, the team at VFX used previous smoke formulations used for a previous distributor as a starting point for creating the correct effect to represent intergalactic smoke from a world different to our own.

Our team sent samples of these products out to those working on the production, so they could get a feel for the density and hang time of the smokes we produce. Following feedback, we begun to work closely with the production team at the BBC to establish the correct requirements for the smokes they needed.

Our solution was a combination of mineral oils and hydrocarbons, using glycol versions due to the eco-friendly nature of the product. The liquid passed through a heater at 600°C to produce the smoke for the television drama.

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